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Talentoire is a performance platform, arts incubator, and advocate. Artist incubator is a new, but growing, phenomena in the world of local cultural, arts and heritage marketplace.

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Connecting Talents

Talented artists and entertainers develop their potential creative vision and we connecting them to a broad audience by embracing new creative digital technologies.

NEU Skill Learning

NEU Skill Learning

Make e-Learning more agility and resilience with the global community! Create learning experiences for your fans and you can learn NEU skills from others.

Talent Ecommerce Marketplace

Ecommerce Marketplace

Robust eCommerce solutions for your talent business and career. Your own Personalized online shop within the Talentoire Network without an additional fee.

Talent Network

TALENT Network

It's not just a Social Network, it's a Social Network for enthusiastic Talents! Connect and interactive engagement with your supporters and fans. A dedicated Profile Page personalized to your liking, theme, and styles.

Talent Network comes with the following core features.

  • Member Profiles – Personalized About Talent information page, custom profile image and banner, performance gig details, popular social profiles connections.
  • Activity Feed – Activity feed is important to keep the members informed about what's happening inside the network. Members can interact with the content (comments, likes, follow, share, etc.) based on interest.
  • Networking – Member might simply follow another member or two members might form a mutual friendship. Members can message each other privately, or openly discuss in each other activity feed.
  • Groups – Any member can create Groups to help members categorize content and foster connection between members with a shared passion. Groups in Talent Network acts as one of the key channels for new member discovery.
  • Portfolio – A unique section specially built for Talents. Showcase your artwork, skills, portfolio, or anything to the world with modules like Skills, Quote, Slideshow, Services, Project, Portfolio, Video, and Link.
  • Multi-Media – A dedicated section to showcase your works or portfolio with different types of media – photos, videos & audios. All members enjoy FREE and UNLIMITED!
  • Achievement – Achievement is Talentoire Gamification. Each action performed in our Talent Network will be awarded Stars. Members with Stars as points will be ranked and will be rewarded!

Art Creativity as a NEU Fuel for Success

It is about supporting all levels of talents the opportunity to show their artistry, ability to cheer peoples, win the heart of the fans and applause from audiences.

As a self-reliant community, we believe the responsibility of developing and educating art and culture lies with each and every one of us.

All of us are custodians of the art and culture – when the opportunity presents itself, and we shall ignite our ability to contribute.

Art Creativity as a NEU Fuel for Success

We support All Talents, and everyone to deserve a chance to experience, appreciate, and showcase their brilliance art for a better life to enrich others and inspire itself.

Talents Mode Fest 2021

Talents Mode Fest is an Art Festival encouraging New, Professional Talents and some famous names coming from all over Malaysia to collaborate, include a huge range of ages and different races.

Talentoire Members can join Talents Mode Fest 2021 for Free!

Musical Art

Musical Art

Colorful Moments

Colorful Moments

Dancing Joy

Dancing Joy

Talentoire Free and Open Platform

Talentoire is a Free and Open Platform To Show Your Creativity!


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