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Your Distinctive and Distinguish Brand

Importance of Trademark

  1. Intellectual Property Ownership
  2. Your Distinctive and Distinguish Identity ( Brand / Logo / Mark / )
  3. Value Added to Products and Services
  4. Geographic Expansion Advantage
  5. Most Enduring and Uniqueness Assets
  6. Financial Monetisation

Know Your Protection

  1. Unauthorized Use of Trademarks
  2. Enforcement For Trademark Infringement
  3. Licensed to Another Party For Commercial Use


Your Signature Creation.
Protect it and Own It.

Importance of Copyright

  1. Creators Original Intellectual Property Ownership
  2. Public Record of Ownership
  3. Presumption of Ownership
  4. Enforcement for Copyright Infringement
  5. Financial Monetisation

Know Your Rights

  1. Reproduction Right
  2. Modification Right / Derivative Works Right
  3. Distribution Right
  4. Public Performance Right
  5. Public Display Right
  6. Public Digital Performance Right


Your Fully Responsibility On Your Action

  • Producer Agreement
  • Band Transfer Agreement
  • Band Partnership Agreement
  • Work Made For Hire Agreement
  • Copyright Transfer Agreement
  • Non-Disclosure Agreement
  • Trade Secret Licenses Agreement
  • Artist Performance Rights Agreement
  • Trademark Ownership Agreement
  • Trademark Ownership Transfer Agreement
  • Copyright Ownership and Licensing Agreement
  • Copyright Ownership and Licensing Transfer Agreement
  • Partial Assignment of Copyright Agreement
  • Exclusive Copyright Licence Agreement
  • Co-Exclusive Copyright Licence Agreement
  • Non-Exclusive Copyright Licence Agreement
  • Non-Transferable Copyright Licence Agreement
  • Creative Commons Copyright Agreement
  • Artist Performance License Agreement
  • Artwork Copyright License Agreement for Commercial
  • Cease and Desist Letter
  • Appointment for Talent Agency Letter
  • Appointment for Talent Manager Letter
  • Appointment for Talent Producer Letter
  • Appointment of Talent Promotor Letter
  • Appointment of Talent Collaboration Letter
  • Appointment to Co-Production Letter
  • Talent Agency Agreement
  • Talent Manager Agreement
  • Talent Producer Agreement
  • Talent Promotor Agreement
  • Talents Collaboration Agreement
  • Co-Production Agreement
  • Personel Image and Make-up Artist Agreement
  • Royalty Commission Agreement
  • Sponsorship Agreement
  • Endorsement Agreement

NEU SKILLS – Learn How to

NEU Gain NEU Effect

NEU SKILLS Talentoire
  • Grow Your Fans Management and Monetize Superfan Experience

  • Distribute Your Content Effectively and Achieve History-Making Result

  • Plan and Book Profitable Gigs and Tours

  • Stop “ Me Too” and Start Creativity and Innovation

  • Tell a Compelling Storytelling of Yourself / Band /Team and Inspire the Industry

  • Brand Recognition a Famous Artist or Band in a Week – Trademark

  • Create an Unforgettable Logo for your Band / Artist – Trademark

  • Exponential Your Potential and Position in the Emerging Niche Market

  • Understand the Demand and Need of the Targeted Trendy Market

  • Understand Your Contender is doing and How He/She Succeeds

  • Register your Masterpiece Creation Ownership- Copyright

  • Have Goals with your Social Media or Fans Management

  • Effectively Market and Promote through Digital Marketing

  • Build a Strong Team to Leverage your Enterprise Works

  • Leverage on Co-Creation and Influencer Co-Resources Platform

  • Strategizes Opportunity to Gain Fans Support, Sponsor or Crowdfund Your Creation.

  • Upload Unlimited Song and Sell to 200+ Online Stores & Streaming Services- iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, and many more.

  • Master Blueprint your Talent Stardom Capital

  • Financial Autonomy to Retired as a Talent

  • Build a Multi Revenue Stream of Earning

Multi-Stream of Earnings

“Art is good as long as it serves the economic paradigm.”

Cultivate A Distinctive And Authentic Brand.

Create Trustworthy and Sustainable Products.

Publish and License                                                    – Royalties and Licensing Fee

Publish a Book                                                            – Royalties and Licensing Fee

More Gig or Live Performance ( Ticket Sale )            – Sponsorship and Percentage of Tour

More Gallery or Exhibition ( Your Creation )            – Royalties and Percentage of Products

Content Merchandize ( Music, Video, Pic, Artwork)            – Royalties and Percentage of Products

On Demand Merchandize ( T-Shirt, Poster, etc )       – Royalties and Percentage of Products

Stock on Demand ( Custom Drone Pic / Artwork)    – Royalties and Percentage of Products

Your Musical Instruments/ Equipment / Artwork      – Royalties and Percentage of Products

Talent /Artist / Band Advertisement                          – Royalties and Percentage of Products

Talent / Artist / Band Endorsement                            – Royalties and Percentage of Products

Products / Services Sponsorship                                 – Royalties and Percentage of Products

Broadcast Music to Paid Music Streaming                 – Subscription, Royalties and Advertisement

Talent Education and Therapy                                    – Session/ Consultation Fee and Salaries

Direct Distribution to Spotify, iTune, Amazon & etc            – Royalties and Licensing Fee

Brand / Band / Team Trademark                                – Royalties and Licensing Fee

Product / Service Trademark                                      – Royalties and Licensing Fee

Masterclass / Workshop Trademark                            – Royalties and Licensing Fee

Fan-Based Community Trademark                             – Royalties and Licensing Fee

Movie, TV Series, Film,                                              – Royalties and Licensing Fee

Multi-Stream of Earnings

The average millionaire has 7 different sources of income.

The Reason Trademark and Copyright can be so Life-Changing is the fact that a Good Talent can make an Infinite Royalties and Licensing Fee on it.

If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. ~ Warren Buffett

Turn Your Passion From 2nd Career Into A Full-Time Talent Empire

We believe every talent has a calling, either is early part or later part of your life. We want to be the best part of your talent life. There is something more you wanted to achieve creatively and put forth that had never been satisfied inside you. We believe many people enjoy creating arts, but they were never seriously thinking about making money that would eventually enable them to achieve financial freedom and retired. The missing gap – you might not understand the know-how or having limited knowledge or never knew you could achieve success.

Take your passion and make it happen!

Take Your Passion and Make It Happen

At present, you have a full-time job, picking up freelance projects or creating your talent artwork as you transition to making your talent a full-time gig to provide the financial stability needed to take risks, invest in education materials and alleviate some of the stress.

If you aren’t fully ready—either financially or emotionally or physical capabilities or self-affirmation —you will struggle to build your talent capital, and you surely won’t enjoy the journey. Do ask yourself the Why, How, What and Who questions.

Early days of talents find it difficult to draw the attention of the audience. Artist and Repertoire were formed in the label company involves talent scouting, recruiting and subsequent artist development in a cluttered entertainment landscape. This requires a sustainable amount of capital investment, efforts, time and focus on a few artists. There is no shortage of talented artists who want to become stars, but it seems to have become harder to hunt on individual company ability

Talentoire approach is total game-changer, not only involves the process of scouting for new talents in many respective fields, developing the talents, navigate stardom process, negotiate the deal, striking contracts, organizing distribution to press and marketing, broadening artist horizons, commercial opportunities but also provide a worldwide exposure and interaction with fan relationship and industry players networking. The difference is that we were embracing new digital technologies to do a better job than ever before.

Your academy school will not teach you the skills to achieve your goals in your talent life.


Having or own a job and work – exchange time for money and no leverage.

Own a Trademark and Copyright  – Making money without your presence.

NEU SKILLS - A Program Special Pioneered for Talents

You need to get educated and start to develop a set of NEU SKILLS to the master plan for your talent career capital. The truth is that no one is going to scout your talent or what you are doing now. You need to create your success and seek, build and manage your appreciated fans and enjoy multi streams of income to gain the respected recognition and effect the audience attention.

Determine the progress transition speed and layout what is needed to be a successful talent. There are many streams of income for talent instead of one way to perform your talent for revenue. Search for the best option to license out your creation as a source of income. Be it online or offline. Revenue-generating opportunities that are related to your talent capital not only add to your income,  it also offers awareness to your artwork and ideas, with the fringe benefit of providing social media value.

Don’t merely turndown a non-profit appearance opportunity as it may be a chance of a lifetime opportunity. Is always one leads to another opportunity. Be initiative and innovative to utilize in creating the resources and networks to the audience world. There are so many online platforms that could promote and sell your authentic brand.

Our NEU FAME approach consists of NEU SKILLS, FINANCIAL AUTONOMY AND MULTI-STREAM OF EARNINGS, a program special pioneered for Talents.


Being able to support yourself as a talent, and maintain a high-quality life through secured financial autonomy generated from your artwork, can and does happen all the time. Be prepared to do it more smartly and achieve in a shorter period. Leverage on our talent NEU FAME blueprint and see success in your passionate dream you always wanted.


My life will be defined by my artwork, my effort, my sacrifices and by me and ONLY ME.

Start Small, Think Big, Act Fast, Stay Positive and Enjoy The Journey. Just do it!

Gain Financial Autonomy To Retire Comfortably as Talent

Feeding Your Soul and Wallet

Gain Financial Autonomy To Retire Comfortably as Talent
Direct Raving Fan Connection

Generally, Talents brain really aren’t built for dealing with money. Because talents focus so much in their creation, they literally forgot how to prepare, manage, budget and save until the last bread eaten. Money isn’t linear, in any case. Money grows and shrinks exponentially.

Being a talent means no retirement plan for you. Real talent never retired and worked well into old age, and in fact, their later works are often the best they ever produced. When you decide talent as business and you can carry on for as long as you are able.

The key here is that it is essential to take advantage during talent rose to stardom. Because with excellent financial planning and perpetually licensing revenue, it can secure being free to have choices based on talent passion and not out of economic necessity. Making preparation plan for Financial Autonomy To Retire Comfortably as Talent is definitely inspired and the need is compelling. It can be life-enhancing. The arts add beauty to your life, as well as meaning.

When decision-making is made by the talent to retire, they have to figure out if you can afford to do so and realistically, until your talent career gets rolling. You will need NEU knowledge and skills, it is important to start cultivating yourself now. Once you make this jump, your artwork will be your business, so you’re going to need to treat it as such. It might seem impossible. And yes, it will be hard. But it’s not impossible. Take charge of your life and the ultimate responsibility lies with you.

Direct Raving Fan Connection

Be Patience, Build Trust, Keep Promises, Valuable Contributions

Fans don’t just buy your products and service. More important, superfan wants to build a relationship, hear your stories and see your magic. Fans community tend to have a common identity and purpose, and they feel empathy, camaraderie and would like to bond with the other members with a common interest.

Fans love to have a more intimate direct connection with talent and have fun. Talentoire created Talent Raving Fans Connection exclusive platform for Talents and Fans to keep the fanbase warm, engaged and grow. A way to express that fans do care about talent, as well as their artwork creations.

Talents need not play mysterious and out-of-reach anymore. Fans are now more inclined to support talent who are relatable and human-like them, with hobbies, passions, guilty pleasures and vulnerabilities. An interactive connection for fans to ask talent questions about their artwork creations, interests and everything else.

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