Complete Profile Settings

Upon completing Basic Profile Completion step, you should continue to other profile settings to make your profile completed with many other useful information.

To access your Profile Settings, click on the Avatar icon and click Profile Settings.


Click Social Networks icon. Copy and paste your social network profile link in this page. Click Save Changes.


Under Widget Settings tab :

  1. Click the dropdown icon
  2. Click Skills


You can add more Skills in this page, or edit the existing record or delete the record. Click Save Changes.


Portfolio : Showcase your past works/art.

  1. Click Portfolio
  2. Click Add New Photo


Click Upload Photo, enter Photo Title and Photo URL link (optional). Click Save Changes.


You can add more Portfolio Photos, by repeating the same step. Click Save Changes.


Slideshow : Showcase your creations, works, arts or anything related to your talent

  1. Click Slideshow
  2. Click Add New Slide


The recommended size dimension of slide image is 800px width and 400px height.

Click Upload Photo. Click Save Changes.


Services : Show to your audience about what kind of services you can provide

  1. Click Services
  2. Click Add New Service


Service Icon : Click the dropdown and choose the icon you prefer

Service Title : Name your service, keep it short and simple

Service Description : Describe your service works


You can keep adding more Services as desired. Click Save Changes.


Project : Tell your audience about the project works that you have done in the past.

  1. Click Project
  2. Select from dropdown > featured or latest project
  3. Write the title of this project
  4. Click Upload Image button, select photo image from your computer/device
  5. Write about this project
  6. Enter Project categories
  7. Enter Project tags, use comma for each tag
  8. Click Save Changes when all details are filled in


Quote : Share your thoughts, feelings, inspiration or just about anything to the world!
The recommended size dimension of Quote background image is 800px width and 400px height.

  1. Click Quote
  2. Click Upload Image button
  3. Write your quote text
  4. Write your name or the owner of the quote

Click Save Changes.


Link : You have special works or featured arts in some other website or platform, use Link to include in your Profile. The recommended size dimension of Link background image is 800px width and 400px height.

  1. Click Link
  2. Click Upload Image button
  3. Describe what this Link about
  4. Enter the Link URL, must include full URL web address, start with http or https

Click Save Changes.


Video : You have any video about your talent hosted in other platform such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook or Video Media Upload from your Profile, you can showcase it here.

  1. Click Video
  2. Enter the video URL, must include full URL address
  3. Write the video title
  4. Describe what this video about

Click Save Changes.


CONGRATULATIONS! You have done a great work on completing your Profile! Once you have completed these steps, you can start sharing your Profile with your friends, families and fans.

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