Powerhouse of Talents

Powerhouse of Talents

Talentoire is an online marketplace platform to open up offer directly from individual artists or professional agencies to buyers, sponsors and potential partners. Basic membership for Talentoire is free. To provide opportunities and to recognize artists and allow artists to demonstrate their original signature and innovative creation to the needed markets. We believe there are millions of talented artists yet to explore, and this will be a perfect digital platform to participate, perform their creativity and shape their future.

What We Do?

We do what we do best – scout for talented artists, nurture and develop their potential creative vision and connecting them to a broad audience. The difference is that we’re embracing new digital technologies to do a better job than ever before.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to supporting unknown artists of today, starting with their Talent Career Capital, who is our Talentoire Mission.

Our Vision

And to realize their vision to become the superstars of tomorrow!


Protect your signature creation!

Talentoire legal provides easy to use counsel to a wide variety of clients in the entertainment industry, including artists, musicians, songwriters, record producers, DJs, artist managers, new media companies, self-recording and publishing, film and television producers, advertisers, actors, performer, dancer, and literary authors and publishers.

Artists generally have too much emphasis on the common problems in their artistic creation. They lack a lot of practical experience in enterprise management, operation, planning and legal compliance. Legal issues must consider seriously.

Copyright law protects artist intellectual property – eg.musical works and sound recordings that are original works of authorship and fixed in any tangible medium of expression- authorship and ownership of music copyrights are determined.

Questions to answer for artists

  1. Who owns the content creation?
  2. How many people are involved in the production process?
  3. Any background vocalists or musicians involved?
  4. Do you have a written Premium Ownership Agreement?
  5. Do you have a written Producer Agreement?
  6. Do you have a written Work For Hire Agreement?
  7. Do you have a written Non-Disclosure Agreement?
  8. Do you have a written Artist Performance Rights Agreement?
  9. Have you or your band had an artist or band trademark?
  10. Have you or your band submitted for your creation copyright?


The answers to these important questions help determine who owns the copyrights in any given original creation and royalties collection

The internet provides many opportunities for artist promotion, and we believe fair licensing regulations and royalties should be in place during a performance for original intellectual property payments.

Keep building your career capital by producing signature creation and playing more shows.

Talentoire legal protection

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